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Learn About Envision Behavioral Health PLLC in Clemmons, NC

Waiting RoomAt Envision Behavioral Health PLLC, we realize how stressful it can be to establish care with a new physician, especially when discussing your mental health concerns. To make the process less stressful, we aim to provide a patient-centered, nonjudgmental environment where you can feel comfortable discussing your concerns. We offer multiple services to our patients, but the greatest service you will receive from our office is healthcare with a personalized touch.

We also offer different types of follow-up visits to suit your needs. Weekend hours are also available for established patients, a service that many mental health offices cannot accommodate.

Our services include assessment, diagnosis, on-going medication management, and supportive and behavioral therapy. We treat a variety of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and addiction related disorders.

For patients who are interested, ongoing therapy is available on a case-by-case basis and is determined at the end of the initial assessment. Psychotherapy appointments are usually scheduled weekly or biweekly.


For your convenience, we offer telepsychiatric appointments with Dr. Todd Derreberry and Dr. Jessica Derreberry. Through this video conferencing service, you will be able to attend your psychiatric visit from the comfort of your home.  Please check with your insurance to determine if you have telehealth benefits available for the doctor of your choice.

Service Limitations

  • We do not provide forensic services such as custody evaluations, assessments recommended by probation, ability to stand trial, legal matters of medical opinion, etc.
  • We do not perform disability determinations or fill out paperwork for short-term or long-term disability or worker’s compensation.
  • We do not offer neuropsychological or psychoeducational testing.
  • We do not fill out paperwork for any organization unless you have been a patient for six months or longer or have been seen a minimum of ten times.
  • We do not write letters in support of an Emotional Support Animal.

Meeting Your Needs

In some situations, Envision Behavioral Health PLLC may not be able to meet your mental health needs, and we will give you information on where you can obtain care elsewhere. Additionally, if you feel that Envision Behavioral Health PLLC and/or your  doctor is not well matched to your needs, we will be happy to provide you referrals to other mental health professionals.

You will not become a patient at Envision Behavioral Health PLLC until both you and your physician decide together that this treatment relationship is appropriate.

Consent for Treatment/Treatment Issues

All treatment is strictly voluntary, and you may choose to stop treatment at any time you wish.  If you experience any problem(s) with medication and/or psychotherapy, it is your responsibility to inform your physician of the problem(s).


All initial/consultation appointments for patients are generally 45‐60 minutes. Often, the initial appointment provides enough time to complete the evaluation, but sometimes it is necessary for an evaluation to take part over several weeks. Initiation of treatment may need to be delayed until the evaluation is complete.

Please bring all medication bottles with you to your first appointment.  If available, please bring copies of your past medical and mental health records to your appointment, including testing or laboratory work.  Please have the contact information for your previous mental health providers and other physicians so that we can obtain collateral information if needed.

Follow up appointment times are shorter in duration.  Both short and long follow up appointments are available, as well as appointments for psychotherapy if indicated on a case by case basis.

Appointments are expected to start on time and end on time.  Please be aware if your appointment extends beyond the allotted time for any reason, you will be charged for the additional time at the prorated hourly rate.

Appointments provide time with the doctor. An appointment does not guarantee any specific medications, treatments, or letters.

Unattended Children: The practice does not allow and is not responsible for unattended children in the waiting area. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

To request an appointment, please visit our Contact page.


Please view our fee structure on the Rates page.

No Shows/Late Cancellations/Late Arrivals

We do not overbook appointments. Your appointment time is a reservation just for you. If you are not able to come to your appointment, please reschedule through the patient portal or leave a message on the office line during office hours to reschedule. If you contact the office within 48 business hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of your appointment, you may reschedule with no additional cost, and the appointment will be offered to someone else. For example, if your appointment is on a Monday, the cancellation must be made by the same hour on the preceding Friday. Weekend appointments must be cancelled by the same hour on the Thursday before the appointment. If an appointment is not cancelled or rescheduled more than 48 business hours ahead, the standard appointment fee will be applied to your account. Stating that you did not receive a reminder does not exempt you from a no‐show/late cancellation fee.

Should you arrive more than 10 minutes late for any appointment, you will be asked to reschedule so that an appropriate amount of time and attention may be devoted to your care. You will still be responsible for payment of the missed session. This fee is not covered by insurance and cannot be submitted for insurance reimbursement.

Failure to show for your first appointment may result in an inability to schedule further appointments.  Failure to show for your follow up appointments (or violation of this cancellation policy) on two or more occasions may be grounds for discharge from the clinic. Note that the cancellation fee may be waived in special circumstances, determined on an individual basis (e.g.: medical emergency- patients may be asked to provide documentation of the same).

We will make every effort to provide you with adequate notice if the physician will be unavailable for a scheduled appointment and will work to reschedule your appointment in a timely fashion.

Inclement Weather Policy

In cases of inclement weather (i.e. snowstorm, hurricane, blizzard under 34 degrees F), your appointment may need to be canceled or rescheduled. In some cases, we may call you to request that you come in earlier or later than your scheduled time due to the weather.  If your appointment is canceled, every effort will be made to reschedule your appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment due to inclement weather, you may cancel without a fee.  However, you must call at least three hours before your appointment to cancel. If you do not show up or call after your appointment time, you will be charged a missed appointment/late cancellation fee regardless of the weather.  You may also attend the appointment through video if your insurance has telehealth benefits or you pay out-of-pocket.

Electronic Communication

The preferred method of communication is through the secure patient portal. You will receive the fastest and most complete response if you state your concern by message on the portal. Please note that all communications will be added to your medical records. Please do not send a message through the portal that is of an urgent or emergent nature.  Please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department in case of an emergency. Responses to your concerns through the portal will generally be answered within one business day.

We do not communicate via text or email as these communications are not protected and cannot be guaranteed as private.

Phone Calls

Phone hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Brief phone calls of 5 minutes or less are not charged. Longer, more involved calls are charged as outlined on our rates page. Please note that all communications will be added to your medical records.

Most routine calls are returned within 48 hours during the above-stated business hours. This phone service is not available for emergencies. Messages through the portal are not checked after hours, on holidays, or on the weekends. Phone messages are checked intermittently over the weekend so if your problem is of an urgent nature or an emergency call 911 or go to the closest emergency room. If you at any time feel that at anytime the practice is not a good fit for you, Envision Behavioral Health PLLC will provide information for another practice.

Please note that we do not schedule/cancel appointments or refill medications after hours.

Crisis Management

Envision Behavioral Health PLLC does not provide crisis management or emergency psychiatry services. After‐hours emergency calls are routed to a voicemail and are checked the next business day. If you are in crisis, are having suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or have any emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. You may also call 800-273-TALK or text 741741.


The physicians at Envision Behavioral Health PLLC do not have admitting privileges. If there is a crisis regarding your safety, you will be directed to the closest hospital emergency room for evaluation and possible admission.

Patient Portal

Appointments will be scheduled through the patient portal.  Through the portal, we may also send you questionnaires or other information prior to your appointment. Please complete any forms/questionnaires at least 24 hours prior to being seen.

Controlled Substance Policy

We are generally inclined to prescribe non-habit forming psychotropics.  If a controlled substance is prescribed, please be aware that 90-day supplies will not be provided.

Envision Behavioral Health PLLC generally does not:

  • Prescribe benzodiazepines to patients who are taking daily opiate pain medication.
  • Prescribe benzodiazepines to patients who are taking stimulant medication.
  • May not prescribe stimulant medication (Adderall, Ritalin, ) unless appropriate diagnostic testing has previously been done and is available for review.
  • Prescribe controlled substances to patients who use marijuana or illicit substances.
  • Will not replace lost or stolen prescriptions of controlled substances without a police report.
  • Prescribe stimulant medications to patients with a history of hypertension unless blood pressure is within normal limits and consistently under good control.

We reserve the right to require random urine drug screens/saliva tests to obtain further refills for any controlled substance. We may also request you bring in your medication for a pill count. If you are prescribed controlled substances and do not comply with a pill count or drug screen request within 48 hours, you may be terminated from the practice.

Please note it is a felony to accept a controlled substance prescription from the same (or similar) class from any other prescriber without both of those prescribers’ consent and notification. This is referred to as “doctor shopping.” If you receive controlled substances from another prescriber and do not notify the clinic, you will be terminated from the practice.

Medication Refills/Medication Disclosures

You will be provided with enough medication until your next recommended follow-up visit.  When medications are first prescribed, patients are generally seen more frequently, and then less frequently as stability is achieved. The frequency is determined at the most recent visit with the physician.  Medications are refilled only for patients active in treatment. The longest interval between visits is typically 3 months. Even if you are stable on your medication, an evaluation of your progress needs to take place.

If you cancel or reschedule your appointment, it is your responsibility to contact your physician if you need additional medication until your next visit. Medications may not be given if you cancel or no‐show regardless of the dangers associated with abrupt discontinuation if the doctor feels a clinical evaluation is necessary prior to a refill. Some medications may cause withdrawal symptoms which can be life threatening when not taken as prescribed or if abruptly stopped. It is the responsibility of the patient to make follow‐up appointments at the recommended intervals.

You must tell every doctor and pharmacist every medication you are taking so you do not harm yourself and do not break the law. This includes over‐the‐counter medications, vitamins, and supplements.

Typically, Envision Behavioral Health PLLC does not co-manage psychiatric conditions with other prescribers.  Therefore, it is expected that you only receive psychiatric medications through your physician at Envision Behavioral Health PLLC while you are under his or her care.  If you obtain psychiatric medications through another provider, it will be assumed you have transferred your care.

If you require additional medication before your next appointment, please contact the clinic as soon as possible.  Please allow up to three business days to process refill requests for non-controlled medications and one week for controlled substances. Refills are not processed after business hours, on weekends, or holidays. A refill in advance of an appointment takes time to coordinate and requires documentation. There is a charge for medications refilled outside of a scheduled appointment.

Before contacting the clinic, please call the pharmacy directly to ensure that you do not have any additional refills on file, possibly under a different prescription. We do not respond to pharmacy-generated automated refill requests.

If you fail to schedule and/or you have not been seen you for 90 days, your file will be formally closed, and the physician will no longer be your psychiatrist of record unless plans have been made to the contrary.

Practice Status

Your records will only be accessed by your current doctor as well as covering providers (who may not always be other Envision Behavioral Health PLLC providers) and your insurance company should they request them. If you are referred to another therapist/physician, it may be helpful to collaborate and coordinate your care, but records will not be sent without consent. Any clinician to whom you are referred will be responsible for the care they provide to you. Please note, however, that although we attempt to identify top quality professionals with very high standards of care, we cannot be responsible for the services/treatment that they provide. It is always your responsibility to determine if a professional referral is acceptable.

Consumer Etiquette

Disrespectful/ abusive behavior or harassment towards office staff or physicians will not be tolerated and patients will be immediately terminated from the practice should this occur.


It is important that your doctor has a professional and therapeutic relationship with you and not any other type of social or personal relationship. If you feel there is a strong pre‐existing relationship (friend, family, etc.) that may affect your decisions, you should consider seeking care from another psychiatrist. If you feel that you do not have any other practical treatment alternative, this must be discussed and agreed to before engaging in active treatment.  Furthermore, there is never room for a romantic relationship between patient and physician/psychotherapist.

Discontinuation of Treatment

The physician may discontinue treatment with a patient usually for one of the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of your account.
  • Canceling/missing appointments too often.
  • Non-compliance with treatment recommendations.
  • Withdrawal of treatment is necessary due to medical, financial, or legal problems or geographic relocation.
  • Lack of attendance and/or motivation prevents further progress toward goal achievement.
  • Inappropriate behavior relative to self, staff, or other clients (e. threatening and/or intimidating behaviors).
  • Modification of medications prescribed by your physician is made by patient without first consulting the physician or a covering physician.
  • Obtaining psychiatric medications from another prescriber.
  • Failure to comply with the provisions of the Policies and Procedures as stated on this website.
  • Successful completion of the treatment program initially agreed upon, implying that the patient has made significant progress toward meeting treatment goals.
  • Patient chooses to terminate treatment.

If you foresee problems in any of these areas, please let your physician know your concerns. If you decide to discontinue treatment, you can do so at any time in person, by phone, or in writing.

In the event that you discontinue treatment without notifying your physician, it will be assumed that your therapeutic relationship with them terminated 90 days after your last visit unless you have an appointment scheduled for a future date, beyond which Envision Behavioral Health PLLC carries no further responsibility for your care. You may re-enter treatment with your physician at Envision Behavioral Health PLLC as long as your treatment ended in good standing and he/she is accepting new patients.

Thank you for reading through this important information. We look forward to working with you!

You can reach us at (336) 223-8220 for appointments and questions.